Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water Bottles and Tumblers

 Any design that you see on this blog can be put on either the water bottles or the tumblers or anything else you might have in mind.  You dream it and I'll cut it!

Smaller water bottles.  (colors vary) 15 oz.  $8 plus tax if in MI  Personalized to what you want.  Just email me @  Thanks!

24 oz water bottles in smoke, red, white or royal blue.  Personalized to what you want.  Just email me @  I'd be happy to get one worked up for you!

 16 oz. tumblers personalized to your specs!  $10.  Very sturdy and double walled.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IPood!  Change Me!  Now I get quite a chuckle out of these little onsies everytime I look at them!  $10 a piece and you can get them in Black, Pink, or Blue.  Just email me and tell me what size.  (These are machine washable but need to be hung up to be dried)

 This shirt would be perfect for a birthday shirt!  Just put the age of the child inside the baseball!  I can do baseballs, footballs, name it!  I'll try to design it and cut it!

Tubs!  These tubs can be used as planters, ice buckets, magazine holders, whatever you want to use them for!  Teacher gifts, wedding gifts.  Maybe fill them full of college goodies for a graduate

The Fewless Tub was actually designed straight from the Wedding invitation!  How kewl was that?

I made this one for our garden.  The V is our last initial and the 10811 is our street address.

Teacher's Gifts!  How fun to give your child an appreciation gift for being the teacher that they are!  $10 for 18 oz. tumblers and $12 for 24 oz. tumblers, or $11 on the 24 oz. water bottles.

Baseball Girl.  This mom wanted an extra long blonde pony tail for her daughter.  You can have any type of hair that you want.  I try to personalize as much as possible.

                    Tablet girl...this would be sold without the apple on the tablet.
                        Beautician Girl, you choose hair color and uniform color.
                              Graduation Boy, you choose gown color
                                       Guitar Boy-you choose shirt color.
 Dancer Girl, your choice of hair color and dress color.  You do NOT have to have grad hat on, these are entirely personalized for what you want.                   
Diva Girl!  Complete with a purse and earrings!  This particular girl happens to have on a purple sparkly dress but the choice is all yours!
Do you need a gift for your golfing or bowling team?  I can help you come up with something!
Music Tumber for that music lover in your life!  The quote says Without Music Life would B(flat)
                              Library Girl, for that person that loves to read!

Volley Ball girl!  I can put her initial on the Jersey and try to match the team colors!

This design would be nice to give to someone who is sick or who has had surgery.  They'll be able to use it more than a card!

Liquid Therapy cups!  Pretty cut don't you think?  Remember you can have these in any color that you would like!

I can do Runners! 

How about a baseball girl?  (or boy?)
This mom wanted the water bottle to show her daughter's extra long blond hair.

Know a Semi Driver that needs a gift?

Violin Guy

Three sister were celebrating their birthday's together and they received these tumblers each one customized to that particular child.  One liked butterfly's, one liked peace signs and one liked swirls.

A golf tumber for one of my favorite golfers!  (my brother!)

A skateboard boy who loves geckos!

 Golf Design.  These were purchased for a Rally, but I could personalize something for you.